5 Great Walking and Segway Tours of Toronto’s Distillery District With Go Tours Canada

Looking for a great day out and to learn some of Toronto’s great history? Take a walking or segway tour of Toronto’s Distillery District with Go Tours Canada. Since 2005 Go Tours Canada has been creating memorable experiences for families and parents.


Walking or Segway? Which one is right for you?



Take a more leisurely pace with their award-winning Classic Walking Tour. Your family will love exploring the Distillery District on foot with our talented guides.

Go Tours Walking Tour



The flagship location in Toronto’s Distillery District has tours almost year-round. Start by learning to use a Segway. It is so easy that they’ve trained over 50,000 riders! Riders must be over 12 + 100 pounds.



Here are 5 Great Walking and Segway Tours of Toronto’s Distillery District


1. Classic Distillery District Walking Tour

Called “One of Toronto’s Top 10 Walking Tours” in 2018 by BlogTO. Join this year-round tour for the story of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery’s rise to fame and transformation into the modern Distillery District.

2. Prohibition and Whisky History Tour

Take a walk through the distillery that supplied two countries during their respective prohibitions. Learn about shifty gangsters and the rise of infamous booze boss Harry Hatch in a story that seems too crazy to be true.

3. Classic Distillery Segway Spin – 30 Minutes

Perfect and recommended for beginners. You won’t believe how fun and easy the machine is to ride. If you want a great introduction to the District and the Segway, this is the tour for you.

4. The World’s Least Scary Ghost Tour

This guided Segway Ghost Tour features a bunch of stories. We definitely didn’t make up about the spirited side of the Distillery District.

5. Distillery District Segway Glide – 60 Minutes

Try the full tour and enjoy more historical exploits, riding time and a complimentary tasting at two of the favourite Distillery District businesses.



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