February 14, 2018

About FD Card

Family Discount Card

A Toronto membership discount card that helps families save money in The GTA, Niagara Falls, and surrounding areas.

The story behind Family Discount Card was a result of a need becoming a necessity. In January of 2018, Rachel found out she was pregnant, much to the delight of her husband Mike.

In February of that same year, they ventured to a baby furniture store (and not even an overly expensive one at that. It was a chain!). Upon seeing the prices of the strollers lining the floor and the car seats sitting atop a shelf, the father-to-be went into a sheer and utter panic.

On the third day of that panic at precisely 2 AM, he awoke with an epiphany. “I NEED to save money so that we can afford these NECESSITIES! And if I need to save money, so does every parent”.  And there the Family Discount Card was born (but not the baby. That takes 9 months obviously!).

It might sound cliche, but we aren’t only the “president” if you will, we are also members. We are a young family starting out and just like you, we’re simply trying to save money in this expensive world!

Whether you’re shopping, dining out, planning your kids birthday party, or in need of a tutor, FD Card will help keep more money in your pocket while helping local, family-owned businesses grow.

Your Family Discount Card gives you access to discounts offered by our partner local businesses.

Don’t have a Family Discount Card?

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