Back to School: The Family Discount Card Way!


With summer coming to a close and the school year almost upon us, we thought we’d take some time to share our guide to sending your kids back to school/daycare in the least stressful way possible, while simultaneously saving you some money!  Using your Family Discount Card, you can find great savings on everything from clothes, labels, tutors, haircuts, and much more.

Getting your child prepped for the year ahead doesn’t have to be a tedious task, but that being said, there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure they’re ready for learning.  Whether you’re looking to label all their gear so it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s, giving them a clean cut so they look stylish after the summer months, or giving them a lunch anyone would be envious of, we have you covered.

L’il Pals Decals

First up, let’s talk labels.  It doesn’t matter if you buy your kid the nicest clothes if they’re simply going to lose them shortly after.  And if you have kids in daycare or kindergarten, their teacher’s will want you to label their water bottles.  Back in the day, you could get labels from a variety of stores, but they required that you stitch or iron them on to everything and using a marker on some things is not always ideal, as it may not be dishwasher safe.  Today, it couldn’t be simpler.  Thanks to companies like L’il Pals Decals, you can order waterproof sticker labels online and have them sent to your front door.  They have decals for everything from sippy cups, clothing, hats, lunch bags, and so much more.  And they come in a variety of fun designs that will set them apart from everyone else’s.  Along with labeling for the purpose of not losing things, is the ever important allergies!  If your child has any sort of severe food allergies, you can be given some extra peace of mind when you order custom food labels from Mabel’s Labels.  Now whoever is on lunch duty will be made aware of your child’s allergies.  It’s no longer a note hidden in a binder in the teacher’s desk.  It’s right there for all to see, making it that much easier to know that your child will be safe.

Mabel’s Labels

Making your child(ren) school lunches is by far the most annoying task ever according to every single parent we’ve spoken to!  Family Discount Card Member Kate M. of Toronto had this to say: “My son hates almost everything I can think of to make!  I’ve literally stolen party sandwiches from parties to take home because I know he’ll actually eat those!”.  While we can’t guarantee your child will eat their fruits and veggies, they may just be more inclined to do so when they come in a cool bento-style lunch box and when you purchase one from Cute Kid Stuff with your FD Card, they’ll send you some adorable food picks for free.  And they come with food cutters that you can use on anything from sandwiches to cheese slices to make them into fun bite-sized shapes that may just distract your kids from the fact that they’re eating something healthy!’

Cute Kid Stuff

Have you been putting off getting your child a haircut all summer?  Well, there’s never a better time to get them looking sharp for that first-day photo op!  Head on over to Hair Cutie and Cornell Cuts for Kids, both salons are experienced in children’s haircuts and they’re sure to have your kid looking fresh!

Cornell Cuts For Kids

If it’s clothing you’re looking for, look no further!  Little White Sneakers describes their wares as “fashion finds for the modern kid” and they definitely do have some very fashionable finds!  They sell both new and like-new kids clothes from newborn and up at both their storefronts and online.  Your kid will be the belle of the ball, or at least the star of 1st grade!  They have a back to school section on their site where you’ll find all sorts of clothes from some of the coolest brands.  And don’t forget to use your Family Discount Card for some great savings!

Little White Sneakers

It’s time to get serious though.  We all want our kids to succeed in school, not only so they can prosper in the future, but let’s be real: who’s taking care of us in our old age?  They are!  So let’s give them a chance at a bright future by giving them the tools they need to learn.  Check out our “kids classes and programs category” where you’ll find fun extracurricular activities to keep them occupied when the school day is done, as well as tutors if they need that little extra bit of help.

The Chef Upstairs Vaughan

The Chef Upstairs Vaughan will teach your children how to prepare drool-worthy meals so good that you’ll be begging your ten-year-old to cater your next party!  They have a professional kitchen and chefs who are great at working with kids to teach them everything from the basics to more complex cooking techniques.

Mostly Math

Mostly Math and The Learning Common are just two of the tutoring companies in our directory and they’re happy to help your kids with their years of experience.  Whether they’re struggling with math, history, or any other subject, or they simply need a little boost, you can contact one of the many tutors and they’ll get your kids on the right path.

The Learning Common

Well, that’s it.  With help from Family Discount Card and our many participating family of businesses, your child’s school year is sure to be a success.  And don’t forget, this was only a small sample of the tons of businesses we love working with.  There’s simply too many to mention in one article, so be sure to check back in the future and don’t forget that we’re always adding new businesses to the list as well.