Earn $5 For Every Card Sold With Our Family Discount Card Charity Program

How does it work?

  • We create a custom charity page for your organization
  • Your group shares your charity’s page with your network
  • Every time somebody buys a Family Discount Card from your charity page, you earn $5 for your charity


How do we keep track of how much we’ve earned?

Your custom charity page will be updated weekly showing how much you’ve earned to date. We will also send an email to the person administering the charity (you) once a week showing the sales figures.

For every Family Discount Card sold, you earn $5. For example, if you sell 500 cards, you have earned $2500.00 for your organization.


How do we get our funds?

We will either send you an email money transfer or write you a cheque within three days of the end of your charity campaign.


How much work is there to do on our end?

All your group members need to do is share your charity’s page with your network, we handle the rest of the work. When somebody orders a Family Discount Card from your charity’s page, we mail it out to them just as we would any time somebody purchases our card.


How do we get started?

Call Mike @ 647.272.2624 or use our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP.