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Kids News & Reviews is a blog written by children for children. The goal is to work with educators who work with children ages 0-12 to create a safe, monitored outlet for children to learn writing skills.

Kids News and Reviews


Parents are encouraged to work with their children and teachers to help share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas while their children are given the forum to communicate and write about their experiences. From movie reviews to telling a story about a hero in their life, Kids News & Reviews will let your children explore their passion for writing.

They were recently listed in the top 100 Early Education Blogs To Follow in 2019 by Feedspot.



Kids News and Reviews

“As children are mentored to write the content to these posts and speak directly with each other, it opens up a whole new world of communication between them. It is my hope that their voices also provide us adults that extra insight we’re seeking to better understand and guide our youth in this ever changing world.”
– Lorrie, Editor – Kids News & Reviews


A blog written by children for children is not just a fun pastime, it is also a great learning tool that should be used in classrooms throughout Canada. Teachers can work with students to develop stories to be published as groups, or as individual student writers. Building writing skills, confidence, and creativity will help young writers find their voice.


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“As an early childhood educator with 20+ years of experience, I am so thrilled so have writer/
publisher, Lorrie Holmes, work with me on my professional development series of online early
learning workshops that I offer to the industry. Thank you Lorrie, for helping me develop these
accredited programs with both your editorial and marketing skills. I am so excited that we are
launching my advice column in KiDS NEWS & REViEWS this fall and look forward to having you
continue to work with our children ages preschool to preteen, as our Writer In Residence. We all look
forward to you continuing to develop our Neverland News Column in your beautiful blog for our
children, parents, and early childhood educators alike.”
– Ana Cassidy, Program Director – Neverland Children’s Centre & Author of It’s All About The Language



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