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4 Pocket Allowance Discount

4 Pocket Allowance System

The Discount

15% off the 4 Pocket Allowance system for kids with your Family Discount Card Membership.


How To Redeem

This discount can be redeemed online. Use your exclusive promo code online available to members by clicking the redeem now link below.

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About 4 Pocket Allowance

4 Pocket Allowance is a comprehensive allowance system for kids. It guides them in allocating money into 4 different pockets.

  • Spending. A little pocket money for dollar store treats, or playing cards.
  • Saving. Saving for a specific goal like a larger purchase, or spending money for a family vacation.
  • Giving. Money to be used for selfless acts, such as a charitable donation or a gift for a friend.
  • Investing. Money that is set aside for long term goals like education fund or stock account.

The kit also includes a 5th pocket, labelled as “Reserve”. This pocket is for parents to stockpile small bills and coins. This avoids a weekly scramble and the inevitable problems of constantly trying to break a $20 bill.

The kit comes in a fun binder with magnetic closure. It also includes printed material and an allowance worksheet. Everything you need to get you going, and to keep you on track.


Business Location

4 Pocket Allowance is an online business with no physical location and is available everywhere.


Conditions of Discount

Not valid with other offers and discounts offered by 4 Pocket Allowance.


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