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KNB Learning

$50 off any one seasonal session of classes or any week of camp*



609 Ford Dr. Unit 7
Oakville, ON L6J 7Z6

*Does not apply to P.D. Day Camps. Customer must present FD Card upon arrival. Not valid with other offers.





PHONE: 647-832-2229
EMAIL: info@knblearning.com


KNB Learning is an Education Centre, staffed by a committed group of educators, united in one common goal: to benefit the entire well-being of the child through the educational media of technology, robotics, LEGO, and support of academics.

Our core philosophy is simple, yet powerful in its execution. We believe that children have the desire to learn, and to engage in their learning in a real, experiential sense. Although there are many different avenues to learning, we find that children learn best through experience and play. For younger children especially, play is their work.

We believe that children should be empowered to learn through the use of current and cutting-edge technology. We find that children learn best when they are actively involved in the application of the skills they are learning.

Most importantly, we believe in meeting children where they are, identifying their unique strengths, and building upon them to help them reach their success. We know that, in order to authentically develop a child’s self-confidence, they must be given the tools to build upon their skills in accordance with their strengths.

How do we put our philosophy into practice?

First, we offer courses that correspond with the Ontario Curriculum in language, math, science, technology, and computer science. Correspondence with Ministry of Education standards provides a benchmark against which curriculum can be more accurately measured.

Second, we offer small class sizes, which allows for greater communication between the educator and the student, and enables the educator to provide the appropriate level of support to the student, as needed.

Third, we provide an inclusive and accepting environment, and accommodate a variety of different learning styles and levels. We find that students with learning challenges, both intellectual/academic and physical in nature, do very well in our classes.

Similarly, ESL students succeed because the nature of the curriculum is visually-based, and instruction is both explained and demonstrated, which goes a long way to overcoming language barriers. The naturally social atmosphere of our classes also promotes language practice.

Finally, we offer a set of highly skilled, highly educated teachers who have the knowledge and experience necessary to adapt our course material to suit the educational needs of our students. We also offer programs designed specifically to assist students with educational and learning challenges, most notably for students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Executive Functioning delays. For these students, we offer both formal educational assessments and customized programming that will allow them to develop the skills necessary to function successfully in both educational and social settings.
KNB Learning programs are designed to engage many different learning styles – visual, kinesthetic, and experiential. Every lesson has been designed to allow for maximum “hand-mind” learning opportunities, perfect for the tactile, visual learner. Our leaders are trained to facilitate and guide children through the building process, whether it is building a robot in class, or building a program in Python. Our staff is extremely responsive to our students’ needs, and work closely with parents and other educators to ensure that the student reaches his or her maximum potential for both learning and enjoyment.

KNB Learning offers in-school, after-school and weekend classes during the academic year. We continue the learning and fun over holiday breaks, through our P.D. Day, Winter Break, March Break, and Summer Camps.

For more information, visit www.knblearning.com.

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