Staycations: The Family Discount Card Way!

Yes, the thought of traveling to some tropical beach destination sounds splendid right about now, but it’s not always reality. So, if you’re stuck in the GTA this winter break and worried that your kids may just kill you due to their insane boredom, fear not, for we have the ultimate guide to the best staycation! And even better, all the businesses/attractions mentioned below are a part of our family, so you can save insane amounts of money when you use your Family Discount Card!



First up, we would be silly not to mention Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Not only because it’s simply an awesome aquarium, but because it’s the next closest thing to being by the ocean. Well maybe not exactly, but if you use your imagination, you can pretend it’s at least ten degrees warmer and who doesn’t love seeing the look on their kid’s face as they pet a stingray? And I know we’ve mentioned this before, but if you take a family of four to Ripley’s JUST ONCE, your FD Card will have already paid for itself!



Not planning on heading downtown and looking for something closer to home? We have a ton of indoor playgrounds in our program. Funtastic Forest, CandyLand Indoor Play Centre, and More Fun with Bounce are just some of the playgrounds you will find in our directory. They’re the perfect way to get all the energy out of your children and keep them occupied for hours!


Maybe you’re looking for something the whole family can partake in? That’s cool because Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a show and a meal all in one. And it’s a rare occasion in which you can eat dinner with nothing but your hands without it being socially unacceptable! This is another one of the attractions in our program that will save you enough money on one visit alone to pay for your Family Discount Card! Neat, huh?


Or, maybe you want to infuse some culture into your child’s life. Why not pay a visit to The Royal Ontario Museum? They have all sorts of fascinating exhibits to sneak some education into the time off from school, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be bored. With classics like the bat cave (that you probably remember from your own childhood), they’ll be begging to come back time and time again.



For some more total family fun that isn’t just for the younger set, why not try an escape room? Looking Glass Adventures is one to consider and word has it that they may be launching a new puzzle soon! (We’ll let you know when they do). Mysterious Minds is another one to check out. And it’s great that we have more than one escape room in our program because you can try all new puzzles when you explore new escape rooms to keep things fresh!



When all the fun is said and done, why not treat your family to a fine feast at the Warden and Steeles Boston Pizza? Yup, they’re a part of our family too and they would love to feed yours!

As we always say, these are only a small sample of the many businesses in our program. To see the full list click here. But we’d like to think that this guide is a great start to helping your family have the best staycation at the best price. Sandy beaches and warm sunny skies? Who needs ‘em? OK, sure, that still sounds amazing, but if you’re not flying anywhere this winter break, you can still make it a break to remember, the Family Discount Card Way!