Can I share my card with my partner/spouse?

When you order a card you only receive one. However, you are most welcome to share it with your spouse. When presenting your card at a business, you may only use it with your family and the card may not be passed forward to someone else.

Help, I’ve lost my card! What do I do?

We do not issue replacement cards; however, you still have access to your online digital membership card which is accepted at all businesses that accept the physical card.

Is the Family Discount Card only for people with children?

While many of our partner businesses do cater to children, there are plenty of others that you might find useful. And how you define a family is up to you.   Need a house cleaner?  We’ve got you covered!   Pet sitters? We have those too!  Want your house painted? I think you get the point.

I live in Thornhill. Are there deals in my area?

The Family Discount Card has partner businesses located all over the GTA and even as far as Niagara Falls. You’re sure to find something in your neighbourhood and new businesses are being added constantly.

What is a Family Discount Card?

Family Discount Card is your invitation into our family!  When you own an FD Card, you gain access to exclusive deals and savings with our family of partner businesses.