Valentine’s Day: The Family Discount Card Way!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we thought we’d give you a handy guide on the many ways to celebrate it, while simultaneously saving money by using your Family Discount Card!  Who doesn’t LOVE saving money!

First up is something I’m sure we can all agree on, sleep.  Everyone loves a restful sleep! Sure, there’s a lot more we could talk about when it comes to the bedroom and Valentine’s Day, but then we wouldn’t exactly be family friendly, now would we?  Thanks to our friends and fellow FD Card participating business, Endy, you’re sure to get the best sleep ever.

They have various sizes of mattresses for the whole family and they conveniently deliver their mattresses to your door in a box.  The best part is that they’re a Canadian business, so you’d be supporting local!  And again, because they’re in our program, you can save money on a mattress.  If you have a tired and warn out mattress, why not surprise your partner with a new one for Valentine’s Day?  What you do with it is something we’ll leave to your imagination, but as parents to a 4 month old, we truly LOVE it when we get to sleep!

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without flowers, BUT traditional bouquets have been done and done and done some more.  That’s why we recommend Flory Box.  They’re an online flower shop (super convenient!) that sells unique and sophisticated boxed floral arrangements.  You can even customize the boxes with a personal message.  Oh, and they have eternal roses that last up to a year in their box, so when you accidentally forget your wife’s birthday, you can simply pull out the box again! (We are totally not responsible for any adverse reaction your wife has if you take our advice!)  And obvs, they’re an FD Card family member as well, so you’re sure to find something you like at a price you’ll love.


If you truly want to pamper your partner, then we suggest taking the kids away, leaving them with time to care for themselves.  And nothing is more relaxing than a soak in a giant tub!  That’s where Saltz & Co. has your back.  Who wouldn’t love one of their gift baskets filled to the brim with all sorts of luxurious bath salts, soaps, and skin care products!  And don’t think it’s only for ladies!  Men can appreciate a good skin care regimen, as well as a peaceful bath too.  Check them out in our directory to learn more about their discount.


Now it’s time to take you back to a Valentine’s Day staple: chocolate.  Anyone can go out and buy chocolate.  That’s obvious and easy, but what’s even cooler is learning how to make it yourself!  Chocolate Tales offers chocolate making classes for everyone in the fam.  So even your littles can participate!  And if you use your Family Discount Card, you’ll save a ton on their public workshops.


This next idea may seem a little “out there”, or should we say, “up there”, but have you ever considered a romantic helicopter tour of the city?  Imagine cuddling up to your loved one as you soar the skies!  Let our friends at HeliTours take you to new heights.  Now that’s one Valentine’s Day present they won’t soon forget!  And they offer discounts to all FD Card members on two of their tour options.

Even if you’re going old school and having a romantic candle-lit dinner at your fave spot, you’ll need someone to look after your littles and yes, we have that too!  Datenight Babysitting will connect you with an experienced babysitter to care for your kiddos while you wine and dine your partner!  And they’ll do it at a discount if you’re a part of the Family Discount Card family.

As always this is only a small sample of the MANY businesses in our family.  To see the full list, check out our directory.  And have a lovely Valentine’s Day!